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We understand that the care we provide is only as good as the people we employ. We take time to find, train and develop carers, then match them with the right client.

It is only by effectively looking after our Nurses and carers, that we can expect them to effectively look after our clients.

At Broomhill care Group we welcome Nurses and carers with the urge to make a difference in people’s life. Perhaps you have some caring certification or are a beginner in care, our training will develop your skills to be totally prepared and ready to provide a first-class service.

After your initial training is complete, we will be there to guide you through each stage of caring. In the beginning you will work with other carers in assisted living homes, so that you are never alone, and should you need support or help, your colleagues and supervisors will be able to assist you to build your knowledge and skills so that you are finally able to care on your own, should you wish to.


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 Care Agency in Essex and Greater London. Care Recruitment.

Care Agency in Essex and Greater London. care recruitment

Application, Training and Development

After sending in an application form to our care agency in Essex, we will need to check your personal identification documents. Then, you will undergo Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and proof of address checks and confirm that you are happy to undergo mandatory training.

Training will be through a number of systems such as workshops, assessments and practical hands on learning. It will cover a variation of topics such as first aid, administrating medication and caring for clients. The training is structured in a way so that you are properly prepared and totally comfortable to begin work as a carer.

When mandatory training is completed, you will be sent into an assisted living home where you can get practical experience and is a chance for you and us to see what level you are at. Once fully competent and comfortable, you will be able to visit homes so that you can work with other carers and continue your development as a carer. Once you feel you are totally ready, you may choose to develop your experience by working alone as a carer.

We work with a number of care homes and are continually expanding our network. The clients band includes Adults with learning Disabilities, Autism and Challenging behaviors.

We match our staff with opportunities that they are best suited for depending on their capabilities. Working closely to improve their working experience.




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Broomhill Care Group: Nurses and Carers Timesheet

If you are an existing nurse or carer with Broomhill care group looking for the timesheet resource you can download it here.

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