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Empowering People with our Care

The Services we Provide at Broomhill Care Group

We offer a number of care services for those who are elderly, with learning disabilities or disabled. Whichever service we provide, we always endeavour to achieve a standard of excellence that embraces the fundamental principles of good care practice.

Good care is about encouraging, supporting and facilitating people to allow them to increase the control over their own life and to manage their own health care. It is through this, that people can increase their own independence, which will then improve their own wellbeing.




 Supported Living



Supported living is an excellent way for clients to increase their own independence with help and support from ourselves. We will work in conjunction with the council to provide a safe and comfortable place for clients to call home. Clients will stay for the long term and it is the perfect environment for those looking for increased empowerment away from residential care.

Care Agency in Essex and Greater London. Supported living. Rehabilitation plan

Supported living is about enabling clients to increase the control they have over their own lives. We can support our clients by supporting them in:

  • Taking medication
  • Developing skills (Domestic, social and life skills)
  • Managing behaviour
  • Managing finances
  • Recovery plans
  • Education, training and employment

We will work together with clients to create personalized support plans based on their interests, priorities and skills. Our carers will then provide support and guidance to encourage and aid clients as they cook, manage their finances and leave the house to go shopping. The ultimate aim is to encourage independence and we will help clients to learn and really lead a rich and fulfilling life.




 Live in Care



Live in care allows us to provide excellent care for those who have their own home and do not require hospital treatment. We frequently provide live in care for the elderly or for those who have suffered an accident and require assistance in their daily life. Care can be 24/7 or it can be for as little as an hour, it can be once a week or everyday – it all depends on the requirements of the client.

We regularly provide companionship, support with mobility and many other services that will help increase the general wellbeing of our clients. Some of these services often include:

  • Housework services
  • Social activities
  • Cooking and meal planning
  • Managing medication

With all of our care, we always aim to assist the client by empowering and supporting them. For detailed information about the live-in care service we provide at out care agency in Essex and Greater London, please contact us.

Care Agency in Essex and Greater London. Live in care. housework, social activities, managing medication ect.




 Learning Disabilities



Care Agency in Essex and Greater London. Learning disability


When it comes to caring for those with learning difficulties, we can provide outreach services for those with a range of conditions including autism, eating disorders and mental health difficulties.

We often support parents and carers of children with learning difficulties or autism, by giving them personal care, taking them shopping, going to medical appointments or providing general companionship.

How long these outreach appointments last, depends on the clients and the carers. This outreach service can be a regular activity or a one-off, this all depends on the needs of the client.




 Dementia Care



At Broomhill Care Group, we also provide high quality care for those of our clients who are living with dementia. Our clients may need support in a number of areas and our carers our dedicated in supporting them by providing top quality care through:

  • Personal care
  • Lifestyle support
  • Cooking and meal planning
  • Mobility support
  • Shopping trips
  • Housekeeping

There are generally two types of situations where our service can provide a real benefit. When the client lives with a carer, the carer may need to go to work – and we can assist the client at their home when they are alone. Alternatively, at a care home, our staff can provide assistance in the morning or night time to help them live a healthy productive life.

Care Agency in Essex and Greater London. dementia care




Our Carers and Nurses

At Broomhill Care Group, we provide a number of services – but underpinning all of those services is our commitment to providing excellent care. Our clients are always happy with the service we provide and we can achieve this only through the continuing commitment and enthusiasm of our staff.

Our staff undergo a number of checks and training to make sure they are also well qualified to assist.

  • Mandatory training
  • Fitness to work
  • Vetting
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • Proof of address checks
  • Ability to work in the United Kingdom

For any more information about the services our Nursing and care agency in Essex and Greater London provide, please contact us.

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